It's time to end the identity struggle

Discover the seven-step roadmap to walk in confidence and live every day inspired by your relationship with God.

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Please allow me to introduce myself:
Hello, my name is Grace
...and yours is too.

Grace is an amazing gift and the Bible makes it crystal clear, as it unapologetically declares, exactly who you are in Him.

Hello, My Name is Grace is an easy-to-follow guide to helping you embrace the “I am” statements in this book are the truth of God concerning you—a daughter of grace.

7-Step Roadmap for embracing your divine purpose and daring to live inspired by grace.

You don’t have to question your worth and identity, or succumb to the pressure to become a cookie-cutter example of the world’s definition of the “ideal woman.”

•   Learn how to truly surrender every quirk, every fear, and every weakness to your Creator.

•   Discover why cliché affirmations and trendy exercises in self-love don’t work and what to do for fulfillment instead.

•   Learn what it takes to be established as a daughter of grace. 

•   Discover the simple, practical steps to walking in purpose during the highs of your “best day ever,” and in the midst of your “lowest of lows”.

•   Learn the right questions to ask yourself when you become consumed by your job title, accomplishments, or failures.


Kerry Burke is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and author.

She’s also a Bible preacher-teacher who believes in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to meet us right where we are. Whether it’s a sermon in Africa or a conference in North Carolina, Kerry’s messages always echo that “God is in every moment of our lives, even when it doesn’t look or feel like it”.

Known as “the grace girl”, Kerry spends her days at Grace In Season where she equips women with strategies to walk in purpose, live in freedom, and grow in God’s abundant grace. 

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“I am filled with gratitude for the way Kerry helped me discover strategic ways to pray. I had no idea how praying with these practical techniques would deepen my own connection with God and bring clarity to what I am called to do!! Thank you for teaching me how to focus and transforming my own life in the process!”

– Lisa R.