There’s a commercial that comes on quite often and my eyes are glued to the to every.single.time. I see it. 

It features people who have just gotten a great deal on

The commercial itself doesn’t last more than 30 seconds but, even in that time, as a consumer, I can sense their overwhelming joy and pure satisfaction with their purchase and subsequent savings. 

I mean, who doesnt love a great deal

In the end, we see them pushing out their overstuffed shopping carts #likeaboss. The aspect that most captures my attention is that in the background I can hear a perfectly cued victory song to illicit the appropriate response: the satisfaction of winning. And almost insync with the “winners” on our television, my daughters and I, without fail, throw our hands up in the air and do our best silly’s quite a sight to see actually. 

If youve never seen the commercial before, click here to watch it and then come back. Please don‘t blame me if the song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 

Apparently, I owe my newfound affinity to these lyrics to a rapper known as DJ Khaled.And I‘ll tell you upfront, I did not listen to the rest of the song. The only part I know is what I hear in the Walmart commercial

But I think this DJ Khaled may be onto something. He says

“All I do is win, win, win, no matter what.” 

The Bible emphatically teaches that as Christians, we are more than conquerors, overcomers by the blood of Jesus Christ, victorious through His resurrection, powerful through the promise of His Holy Spirit. And now, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of us

That, my friend, is the definition of winning. 

We have been made joint heirs with Jesus, partakers of His kingdom, and given seats in heavenly places....just winning all day, in all places, at all times. All because of Jesus. 

To take it a step further we don’t just win, we triumph

“Now thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ” 2 Corinthians 2:14 

When you received Christ, you didn’t only get saved, you got in Christ, that is, in union with Christ

An awesome transfer took place where you exchanged your sin for His righteousness, your weakness for His strength, your imperfections for total validation. That means what He has, you 

also have simply because you are in Him

If you see yourself as struggling, weak, and barely making it, theres a disconnect in that you are not seeing yourself the way God sees you in Christ. We are human, so we have the propensity to feel a particular way in response to a given situation, but the truth of God’s Word always trumps our feelings. Your faith is bigger than your emotions. 

The goal is to put your faith to work, and act upon what you believe. 

To be triumphant in Christ is a lifestyle and a state of being. It’s not what you do (a successful career, accomplishing a great task), it‘s who you are (a child of the King, a forgiven sinner, an heir of the promise). Your shoulders should naturally pull back once you understand that. So then, as the ultimate winner, the mandate on your life is to declare the glory of God

Romans 8 sums it up in the final verses by reminding us that there is no situation we could ever face that has enough power to separate us from our triumph in Christ. So even when you find yourself on the sliding scale of being wealthy or broke, popular or a loner, hungry or full, in good times or bad times, none of it should faze you or cause you to skip a beat because you understand that Jesus has graciously taken you captive and now leads you in triumph. In fact, Paul flips the script completely and boldly declares no, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us”. (see: Romans 8:37

While we may not get the chance to cue the perfect song every time we save some coins at our local department store, our anthem of victory echoes in the bloodstained cross of Jesus Christ every moment of our lives. Thats something to throw your hands up and shout about. 

You are not and will never be defeated. As believers in Christ, we are winners. Its in our DNA. We win in life. We win in death. We just win, win, win, no matter what.