The days of being overwhelmed, overtired, and so over trying to balance your faith and life are over.

This 6-week transformational coaching program is for you.

The next cohort begins September 16, 2019. Register NOW!

space is limited to 15 women

If you're like most of us, you probably:


The truth is you don’t have to feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, or figure it out alone.

God has placed ideas, dreams, and visions in YOUR heart for a purpose. You need:


Solid truth paired with honest talk so you can walk in your worth and live passionately in purpose.


Practical, crystal-clear goals and tested strategies + tools that align with your faith and matter to you.


a close-knit tribe of like-minded women to hold you accountable and encourage you to actually achieve your goals.


life + faith transformational coaching

A 6-week Group Coaching Intensive for Christian women who want to maximize their purpose.

It’s time for you to crank up the volume of your faith so you can live every. single. day with INTENSITY and PURPOSE.

in 6 weeks you will:

discover THE 3 STEPS TO AMP UP your FAITH + life!


Assess Your Mindset + Identity

This is the time we will build the foundation necessary for your growth.


Map-Out Your Purpose

Let's round things out and equip you with strategies to discover and navigate your life + faith.


Pursue a Fulfilled + Empowered Lifestyle

It's time to wrap things up and empower you to fulfill your God-given purpose.

The investment for the
Amplify Faith + Life Transformational Coaching is $297

It’s time for you to get the accountability you need to move you from a state of inspiration to implementation in just 6 weeks.

Space limited to 15 women

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

transformational coaching review

“Before I met Kerry, I was in a spiritual wilderness. I felt lost, confused, out of sorts, and unsure of how to identify God’s purpose for my life. Through her coaching, teachings and, after attending many of her conferences and retreats, I finally understand how God sees me and what it truly means to experience God’s grace.” 

– Shereece M.

It's time for you to invest in something that is going to build your confidence and strengthen your faith – something that matters.

kerry burke transformational coaching

Hey there! I'm Kerry

and I have good news for you: you’re not alone.

I spend countless hours with women of faith who, deep down inside, really want to allow God to expand their borders, stir up their giftings and talents, and truly walk out extraordinary lives of purpose. 

But with everything else going on, they honestly don’t know where to begin and they lack the accountability necessary to see the wish become a reality.

I get it because I’ve been there. I knew there was more to God and more to me. I needed an immediate boost in every area of my life so I could walk out my faith with intention and a genuine smile. 

I had to embrace transformation from the Transformer Himself.

I want that for you, too.


limited time bonuses expire in:

Frequently Asked Questions

I prefer a unique & private one-on-one experience with my clients. AMPLIFY is a general combination of support, accountability, training, and mentorship all combined into one. 

Each week, you’ll receive a personalized doc with a tasklist of actionable items to help you work towards your goal, feeling confident that you have the tools you need in the future.

This life + faith transformational program is not a done-for-you OR a one-size-fits-all solution. 

This is a small group experience that allows you to receive feedback and actionable tips for your specific areas of growth. By being given the tools you’ll need to step forward, I’m empowering you to feel confident in what you need to do versus doing it for you.

Our scheduled time together is not something you want to skip because of previous engagements.

I’ve spent more than a decade traveling, preaching, teaching, encouraging, hugging, and laughing with women of faith in all seasons of life. 

Each week, I chat with women about walking in purpose, discovering passion, hearing God’s voice, goal setting and prioritizing, overcoming challenges, dealing with heartache, kicking self-sabotage, procrastination, and doubt to the curb, and so much more. 

I’m basically a thesaurus for all things life + faith. So feel free to ask away!

Once you join, you’ll be sent an email within a few minutes with your login details (make sure you check your spam folder!).

Once you receive that, you can log on to the courses dashboard and start going through the pre-work and bonuses.

How does lifetime access sound? You can access the course materials any time. After the scheduled live calls, you can replay as often as you need.

Remember, this is NOT a go-at-your-own-pace course. It’s a 6-week program with a week-by-week timeline + specific action steps each week for major accountability, encouragement, and support. 

Our first meeting is September 16 and our last is October 27

I think I have an idea of where you are. I’ve been on the fence before contemplating the if’s and the but’s when I invested in the tools I needed for my own transformation…

Think about it: if you don’t make a change now, there’s a good chance you’ll stay in the same place. Can you handle that? Only you can make that call. 

“I am filled with gratitude for the way Kerry helped me discover strategic ways to pray. I had no idea how praying with these practical techniques would deepen my own connection with God and bring clarity to what I am called to do!! Thank you for teaching me how to focus and transforming my own life in the process!”

– Lisa R.

this 6-week coaching is about to transform your life

Yeah, you could try to do this on your own, but let’s be honest, that hasn’t worked so far. 

No more watching endless videos, buying ALL the DIY courses and books, and listening to podcasts 24 hours a day…. 

It’s time to AMP – Assess, Map, and Pursue your goals and take action.