• Prevention is Better than Cure

    sometimes prevention is better

    There’s a well-known adage that says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Why is it that as humans we are more likely to wait for something to literally break before we take measures to prevent it? And have you ever noticed that it—whatever “it” is—always chooses to break at the worst possible moment? Which ends […]


  • Seasons of Life

    grace is in every life season

    There’s no denying it – life seasons are universal. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Ask an experienced farmer and they’ll tell you that different seasons require different methods of cultivation. Tools that are used in winter aren’t necessary in springtime. It is the responsibility of the farmer to be equipped to endure whatever season he […]


  • Defining Grace

    Grace is the single most important narrative of the Bible. Yet, if we were to take a poll of all the people who identify as Christian using the prompt, “define grace,” the responses would vary greatly; that’s because the concept of grace is as individual as it is collective. GRACE IN A NUTSHELL Grace is the remarkable and underserved […]


  • Quick, Confident Steps

    When we travelled to Washington, D.C. for a recent GIRLtime retreat,  we had no idea it would be a lesson in courage. Going to the capital itself is exciting because there’s so much to see and so much history to absorb so we planned to take a tour to explore the historical sites. But this […]


  • Pray. Plan. Pursue.

    Every January, people from every walk of life, and all over the globe, set out with new God-sized dreams, ambitions, hopes, and desires for the new year. Some people even go as far to say, “New Year. New Me.” Usually by the end of the month, the drive and determination that was there at the […]


  • Sample image with slider

    Sometimes you may need to upload a lot of pictures on a blog post. It might result in a long loading page and readers might need to scroll along the way. But if you’d love to keep your blog post short and sweet, yet able to show lots of images, this can be a solution […]