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strategic prayer course

Get the strategies you need to revive your focus and bring clarity to your conversations with God in just 21 days.

Are you tired of feeling like your prayers are bouncing off the walls?
Ready to finally grow your faith, but don't know where to begin?

Then this is the course for you.

(Normally sold for $97)

The Empowered! Strategic Prayer course is the solution for Christian men and women who want to experience the tangible power of God by praying effective, life-altering prayers.

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It doesn’t matter if you just started your Christian journey or you’ve been on this walk for a while.

Your lack of focus and clarity make you feel like having a meaningful prayer life is impossible. #realtalk

Haven’t you had enough?

What if there was another way to pray?

What if you could be sure God heard you every. single. time?

in 21 days you will:

Here’s what’s included:

The Empowered! Prayer Guide

A step-by-step guide with the 21 devotionals and prayer prompts you’ll need to begin your transformative prayer journey.

The Empowered!
Video Series

3 teaching videos to jumpstart your prayers with practical discussion questions and action steps so you can start experiencing breakthroughs.

The Empowered!
Love Notes

Daily encouragement delivered to your inbox to take the guesswork out and give you clarity as you devote yourself to 21 days of transformative prayer.

The Empowered! Roadmap

An eBook jam-packed with tips and strategies for continuing an intentional and purposeful prayer life even after you’ve completed the course.


Get access to the course for just $47 (a $97 value) in the next 3 days. 

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It's time for you to stop believing the lies. God wants nothing more than to have a REAL relationship with you, and your life should be proof of it.
Kerry Burke
"Before I met Kerry, I was in a spiritual wilderness. I felt lost, confused, out of sorts, and unsure of how to identify God’s purpose for my life. Through her coaching, teachings and, after attending many of her conferences and retreats, I finally understand how God sees me and what it truly means to experience God’s grace."
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“I am filled with gratitude for the way Kerry helped me discover strategic ways to pray. I had no idea how praying with these practical techniques would deepen my own connection with God and bring clarity to what I am called to do!! Thank you for teaching me how to focus and transforming my own life in the process!"
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It’s time to uncomplicate prayer so you can experience freedom in your conversations with God and receive tangible results.​​

this offer will expire in...

kerry burke transformational coaching

Hey there! I'm Kerry

I’ve been where you are.

I know firsthand what it feels like to finally carve out a few ‘guilty’ minutes to pray and then wonder if God even heard you.

I finally learned how to break the cycle of constantly repeating myself and fix the behaviors that hindered an effective prayer life. Once I implemented specific strategies in my conversations with God, the results were mind-blowing. I finally started to pray with boldness and I knew for sure that my prayers weren’t hit or miss.

I’ve discovered the benefits of a close conversational relationship with God.

I want that for you, too.

You'll receive immediate access to everything you need to start tapping into God's power and praying transformative prayers.

As soon as you join you’ll receive your Empowered! Welcome Kit in your inbox which will have your login information so you can access the course.

You’ll automatically receive a short and to-the-point love note each day, a new teaching video for the next 3 weeks, and your Empowered! Prayer Guide and Roadmap will be waiting for you in the member-only portal.

Everything is yours to keep and will remain in your account so you won’t ever have to search for it 🙂

This course is completely online and self-paced. That means you can start it at any time! You’ll have access to it as long as the course is available.

There is no group forum for this course, but we encourage you to use the discussion questions and prayer prompts to build relationship with those around you. 

You can always reach us by email if you have any questions.

The truth is…if you don’t learn how to have effective conversations with God, you will continue to experience emptiness and live unfulfilled.