Grace can be defined in so many ways. But, simply put, grace is the remarkable and underserved kindness we receive from God through His Son, Jesus. Grace is what we received when we were raised from death to life. John 1:16 teaches that through Jesus Christ, we have received grace upon grace.” 

Honestly, once you have truly encountered this thing we call amazing graceyou can never be the same. And because of the remarkable transformation that takes place (see: 2 Corinthians 5:17) through God’s grace, bornagain believers are called to be gracious to others

Again, like forgiveness, being gracious could be considered a difficult concept to fully grasp. Our culture teaches that we should strive for popularity, wealth, and power. But not once does the Bible make mention of those kinds of aspirations. Nope. BUT the scriptures do spend a lot of time reminding us, that above everything else, we are called to love, and we are called to be gracious

More than “wellmannered. More than simply courteous. More than naturally friendly”

Because you have encountered grace, you should be compelled to show God’s grace to others. 

When you do, the evidence of graciousness will be heard in your speech (see: Colossians 4:6) and more importantly, seen in your actions (see: 1 Timothy 6:18) simply because grace is unmistakable in our daily lives. 

Grace is having unlimited access to clean, safe water. Grace is the ability to flip through the pages of a brand new Bible without fear. Grace is the gift of learning something new through the power of education. Did you know that these gifts of grace, that we often take for granted, are considered matters of life and death to others in developing regions around the world? 

Grace In Season is on a mission to make grace come alive in a 

very tangible and relevant way by making a global impact

We have proudly partnered with three organizations who feel the same way we do and have vowed to extend grace to women and children who have to walk for hours to get clean water, widows and orphans in need of disaster relief and education, and men and women who lead underground churches in desperate need of bibles. Their causes are our cause because it is evidence of the grace of God extended in a practical and powerful way

In light of all God has done for you, through Christ, your life must echo the same amazing, boundless, transformative grace to others. So whether its acts of kindness to a stranger, doing good to your enemy, or showing the love of Jesus to an unbeliever; always remember that grace is not some abstract quality or a dormant attribute. It is seen and felt in everyday life. 

We stand in grace. We live in grace. Therefore, we are driven and empowered by God’s great grace.I believe that together we can make a global impact from the safety of our living rooms, the comfort of our vehicles, and the convenience of all of our iGadgets. 

My grandmother would say, “every mickle makes a muckle.Meaning every small amount of 

effort, when put together, will amount to something significant

The needs are so great. But it doesn‘t take much to extend grace and change a life. Help us take Gods grace to the world by donating to one of our partner organizations today!