The Identity Struggle Ends Here.

Break free of impossible standards and overwhelming pressure….with no apologies.

Say Goodbye to Insecurity & Hello to GRACE

Can I be honest? I don’t want you to try to be superwoman anymore.

You are too talented, too incredible, and too important to spend your days stressed out and strung out, fighting to fit into a cookie-cutter version of what it means to be a woman. You are so much MORE than what the world wants you to believe. 

And I want to help you discover your true identity so you never question your worth again.

Because of grace you are:

Embrace Your Purpose with
The 7-Step Identity Roadmap

You don’t have to question your worth and identity, or succumb to the pressure to become a cookie-cutter example of the world’s definition of the “ideal woman.”

Get the clear step-by-step guideline of how to beat imposter sydrome so you can actually live in freedom instead of just reading about it.

• Learn how to truly surrender every quirk, every fear, and every weakness to your Creator.

• Discover why cliché affirmations and trendy exercises in self-love don’t work and what to do for fulfillment instead.

• Learn what it takes to be established as a daughter of grace.

• Discover the simple, practical steps to walking in purpose during the highs of your “best day ever,” and in the midst of your “lowest of lows”.

• Learn the right questions to ask yourself when you become consumed by your job title, accomplishments, or failures.

• Finally see yourself as God sees you and how to trust Him with who you really are.

Take a Peak Inside...

“The world teaches that we should seek to redefine ourselves as we evolve, or in order to justify a need or satisfy our egos. So when asked our name or who we are, we tend to reach for adjectives like mother, wife, sister, CEO, doctor, professor, accountant, etc…. But these titles don’t actually define who you are at your core. You have been graced by God to proudly be who you are, with or without a particular title.”

“Your actions and reactions are telltale indicators of whether or not you believe that God is in control of your life, regardless of the circumstances you face.” 

“Because you are loved, you can walk in humility instead of investing effort in trying to build yourself up to appeal to the masses.”

Allow me to introduce myself​

Hello, my name is Grace…and yours is too. 

But you can call me Kerry 🙂 

I’m your “always speak the truth in love…even when you don’t want to hear it, because I need you to get it all-the-way together” friend 😉 

And I believe that grace is the most perfect gift we can receive. 

Listen, probably like you, I’ve been through some tough stuff. Actually, it’s only because of God’s undeserved favor and unfailing love that I survived things that were designed to destroy my peace, steal my passion, and kill my purpose. 

This is why I wrote “Hello, My Name is Grace”. It is your personal, easy-to-follow guide to help you embrace the truth of God about you – daughter of grace. 

What others are saying

This book drew me in ...... Simple and Poignant. My Name is Grace!!! This book is well written and very inspirational, Grace is something none of us deserve but we receive it anyway. Kerry’s precious reflections are simple to add to my daily living. This book has made it to my top 10 reads!
Robyn R.
Kerry's book spoke to me as a Woman first, then as a Christian. It was so easy to read and definitely something I can relate to. After making so many winding turns in my life I was able to get on track God's way. The book was a reminder and in some parts my story being told. Kerry has shown her heart in this book and it is the heart of God.”​​
Andrea M.
Often times Christian books and devotionals can seem very daunting. There are many different views and perspectives but Kerry Burke offers the simple truth of how God's love works and how it relates to you. No more. No less. Her writing is witty and easy to continuously read. Good book to help you figure out who you are in the world and who you are to God.
Akayla R.

I have one mission:

to help you grow in grace.

I’ve spent over 15 years as an international Bible preacher-teacher, trusting in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to meet us right where we are. 

Because I love getting to help women like you, I launched Grace In Season, a ministry that shares strategies to walk in purpose, live in freedom, and grow in God’s abundant grace. 

Some of my other loves include coordinating the next game night, chowing down at the local taco truck, and laughing A LOT in sunny South Florida.

You don't have to stay stuck.

You can become the perfectly imperfect version of yourself who is confidently living every day inspired by God’s greatest gift – grace.

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