When we travelled to Washington, D.C. for a recent GIRLtime retreat,  we had no idea it would be a lesson in courage. Going to the capital itself is exciting because there’s so much to see and so much history to absorb so we planned to take a tour to explore the historical sites. But this wasn’t just any regular, run-of-the-mill, kind of tour. Oh no, I planned for us to take a 3-hour tour via Segway.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Segway it’s a “two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle.” Basically, it’s a motorized scooter where you use your body weight to maneuver forwards and backwards, and use the handles to turn left or right.  From the photos and description online using a Segway to tour D.C. sounded new, fun, and exciting!

One by one, each person in our group got a chance to test out the scooters during our training session. I just happened to be last and noticed that most of the other ladies were a little terrified while they were learning how to operate the vehicle. While I was waiting (from a distance) I thought, “It can’t be that bad.”  Finally, it was my turn and let’s just say, I wasn’t ready. At. All.

The moment I stepped on I was ready to get off. Like immediately. I was ready to forfeit my money and just sit this one out.

My instructor sensed my apprehension and told me that he believed that I could do it even though my equilibrium was off and I felt out of place. I learned that the key to being successful in riding the Segway was all in mastering how to get on and off. He said “Kerry, all you need to remember is to take quick, confident steps.”

Quick, confident steps.

That’s it.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt out of your element and ill prepared to handle what was being thrown at you?

Ever needed an extra boost of courage?

Some struggles and issues are designed to throw us off course but the beauty about the faith of a believer is that we can rest in the truth that we have an amazing Creator who is never caught off guard. In fact, the writer of Psalm 121 teaches that the One who guards us doesn’t sleep or rest. 24/7 He’s on it.

Your issues don’t intimidate Him. Your frustrations don’t frighten Him. And your disappointments can’t defeat Him.

God is too big and His love for you is too overwhelming for your troubles to overshadow His great power. God’s choices are always right and His thoughts toward you are always good, even when you don’t understand. Let’s call those #gracemoments.

The “Segways of life” may cause you to feel unbalanced but ultimately it will all work together for your good (Romans 8:28) as long as you remember to take quick, confident steps of faith: Your courage must remain firm even during the times of turmoil or distress. Your hope must be resilient ready to bounce back when faced with adversity. Your determination must be grounded in the promises of God that will never fail or fall short.

finding the courage to take a leap of faith

That night with our helmets secured, safety vests fastened, and flashlights on, we headed out to see the city of D.C. via Segway, and it was amazing!

By the end of the tour I was popping wheelies and spinning in circles. Riding on gravel. Going down hills. Crossing busy streets.

Just because I committed to trusting the process.

Courage always wins.

Don’t get distracted. Focus on where you are going and remember to take quick, confident steps of faith.